2019 Resources


The Evolution of Bike Sharing: 10 Questions on the Emergence of New Technologies, Opportunities, and Risks, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

The Rail Freight Challenge for Emerging Economies: How to Regain Modal Share, The World Bank Group

The Urban Rail Development Handbook, The World Bank Group


New Mobility is Coming to a City Near You – But Will it Be Sustainable?, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Live from Transforming Transportation 2019: The Convergence of Old and New Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Live from Transforming Transportation 2019: The Promise and Reality of New Mobility Today, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities


2019 Conference Photos: WRI Ross Center's Flickr page


For panels in Preston Auditorium, please visit World Bank Live


Parallel 2.1, Ana Beatriz Monteiro

Parallel 2.1, Surya Bagchi

Parallel 2.2, Jarrett Walker

Parallel 2.2, Samson Gyamera

Parallel 2.3, ReCAP

Parallel 2.4, Daniel Günther

Lee Schipper Scholarship, Jaime Soza-Parra

Lee Schipper Scholarship, Junia Compostella

Plenary 4, Peter Calthorpe

Parallel 3.1, Matts-Ake Belin

Parallel 3.2, Stephen Miller

Parallel 3.2, Vijaya Lakshmi

Parallel 4.1, Hong Shi

Parallel 4.1, Shenzhen Bus Electrification Fact Sheet

Parallel 4.2, Brian York

Parallel 5.1, Jose Segundo Lopez

Parallel 5.2, Annie Chang

Parallel 5.2, Iman Abubaker

Parallel 5.2, Ion Morozan, Sabin Dimian

Parallel 5.2, Janine Yoong

Parallel 5.2, Moustapha Kane

Parallel 5.2, Papa Mor Niane

Parallel 5.2, Sonia Kabra

Parallel 5.2, Xiupeng Xie

Parallel 5.4, Evelyn Blumenberg

Parallel 5.4, Koffi N'Guessan

Plenary 5, Carlos Dora

Parallel 3C, Weimin Zhou